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Dusty Angels Ventures began as a place for women trauma survivors to have new opportunities. Originally, Nakia hoped they would be able to come together and learn new skills and potentially work on bringing their new ideas to life in a community that loves them. DA Ventures began to unify women to work together on meaningful projects in the marketplace... no competition, just collaboration.

Nakia has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and has been involved in a wide range of very diverse companies. More recently, she just completed a few projects in the food industry with large-scale investors. Both the Consumer Packaged Goods industry with national distribution and in the Foodservice industry for restaurants and other service based businesses in this sector had given her an opportunity to tap into very successful entrepreneurs and gain invaluable experience in this sector. She recognized the tremendous blessing. 

Nakia always wanted to be able to share new opportunities with the women around her and a very unique equity opportunity appeared to be a door opening. With a strong belief in the Lord, Nakia was ready to walk through any door that was God's will for her but not with a desire to benefit her alone. She prayed for those opportunities to be for others. That is where DA Ventures began...

Before Allison and Nakia met in person, they were connected through an amazing mutual friend. The Lord used Amanda to introduce Nakia to Allison through her social media posts and eventually they would finally meet in the middle of Amanda living out her final days here on earth and had been given the beautiful blessing of always knowing she brought us into this season. We are so grateful for the short time we all had with Amanda and we pray that we can continue to spread love and kindness just as she did throughout everything we do.

Allison is an all around amazing person, if you meet her even just once, you know why she is so loved. Allison is the wife of Anthony Fonseca and Mom to their two beautiful daughters, Alaina and Arabella. Allison and Anthony are true heroes, both have dedicated their lives in service to helping others in so many ways. Allison was a teacher and Anthony continues to be a Hillsborough County Firefighter while operating their restaurant, Station House BBQ. 

Nakia and Allison have now partnered in some exciting new projects and there is so much more coming to this story!

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